• Simple



     User Friendly, cost effective along with easy training and Implementation.

  • Visibility



     Via Dashboards and Reports

  • Innovation



     organize and transform the way you purchase

  • Saves


     and money

     With Supplier Contracts, by reducing errors and rework

Innovative way to bring spend
under management

A Procurement System that provides ease to your streamlined procurement management processes so you can achieve cost savings while saving your employees valuable time by providing the most efficient improvement in cost, productivity, transparency and risk management parameters within your supply chain. Carry your purchasing activities to the cloud through our web based strategic sourcing platform.



  • Corr Xperts Pvt. Ltd.
  • Spica Solar
  • VYC Automation
  • Srikar Energy
  • Cambay Consulting Services
  • Blue Ash Chemicals

What We Provide?

Cost Saving

Change your way of purchasing with our powerful e-sourcing platform to reduce your costs.


Improve your purchasing process efficiency with our customizable purchasing functionalities.


Empower your suppliers to compete in a fair and trusted environment.

Time Saving

Collect more bids in less time with online RFQs or simultaneous live e-auction events.


Collect information, documents or bids from your suppliers with your customized RFQ and e-Auction forms.


Track and report all transactions of buyers and suppliers from our detailed reporting tools.

Manage spends, Empower Employees &
Save Time…

Start saving today