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The Manugics Partner Program gives you everything you need to build a profitable online identity verification business. From rich margins to real co-marketing that drives leads to your doorstep, our partner centric approach compliments our visionary identity solutions.

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Get your slice of the global online identity verification market that is exploding.

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Benefit from targeted leads delivered though innovative and customized co-marketing campaigns.

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Enjoy strong margins while teaming with the industry leader.

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Get answers on products, solutions, services, design, configuration, and demos to help you make the sale.

Industry Leading Technologies

Benefit from selling the most advanced IDV solution on the market, combining machine learning, AI, biometrics, and human review.

Sales & Marketing

Exploit re-brandable content, collateral, sales presentations, and simple battlecards to sell and market smarter.

Deal Protection

Protect your deals with online deal registration and exploit the power of Manugics’s sales team.

Technical Support

Get technical support and training when you need it. We’ll equip you with training, online knowledge base, and UX best practices.

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