Supplier Management

Start a professional and sustainable Supplier Relationship Management. Collaborate and share with suppliers on a single platform and maintain the Price agreements with Suppliers. Enables suppliers to interact with the purchasing through our procurement system and maintaining the performance of the purchase order fulfilment which provides an easier, faster, and more effective way for suppliers to meet performance goals. Automate your data inputs and streamline communication between purchasing and suppliers with our user-friendly solution. Manugics e-procurement system allows you to collaborate with your suppliers to reduce cycle times, cut costs, proactively monitor supplier history, and decrease risk.

Companies need to be in constant correspondence with suppliers for various phases of production, procurement of services and even office supplies. A section of these suppliers are operational collaborators, whereas the relations with the suppliers in direct relation to the main business activities need to be strategic and sustainable. Purchasing departments therefore need to coordinate with other departments, and strengthen their supplier network for each category. Another point of concern is ensuring the information and documentation of suppliers are up to date. Apart from current suppliers, firms have an important obligation to reach new potential suppliers, evaluate and productively include them in these processes.

What We Provide?


• Upload & manage Catalogs
• Managing Price Agreements
• Catalog Reporting
• Quotations on Buyers RFQs
• Notifications & Reminders


• Download Purchase Orders
• Accepting & Rejecting Orders
• Updating Status of POs
• Supplier User Management
• Online Supplier Portal
• Notifications & Reminders
• Detailed Reporting & Analysis


• Invoice Purchase Orders
• Debit Memo
• Credit Memo
• Dynamic Discounting
• ERP Integrations
• Notifications & Reminders
• Reporting & Analysis

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