Reporting and Analysis

Added value to your company with our strong reporting and analysis services. Determine your road maps for the future by making detailed analysis of your purchasing activities and real time spends. Complete details at transactions, items, price agreements, suppliers, categories and purchasing.

Planning the future stars with correctly analyzing the past and the present. One of the biggest challenges facing businesses today is compiling and assessing the procurement data from various resources. Uncategorized and improperly saved purchasing data needs to be manually adjusted for reporting purposes. This situation is both open for errors, and constitutes a serious operational workload. Under these circumstances, it is almost impossible to evaluate the general spending, assess the current situation and make strategic decisions for the future.

With Manugics Reporting & Analysis, you may report and analyze all procurement activities within the Manugics platform on a single screen. The easy to use screens provide instant access to correct and up to date data. Along with the summary and detailed reports, Manugics spending analysis consultancy enables your firm with specialized reports and analysis to suit your immediate needs. Inter-departmental data flow between various resources and systems can also be activated if such a demand arises.

What We Provide?


In addition to the default reports, you will get customized dashboards & reports with respect to your needs.


You will reach the up-to-date data with respect to your company's data update frequencies.


It is very easy to use with visual properties, flexible filters and drill down capabilities.

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